Hammond Happiness

The happiness of meeting again after a long time.

Staci and I met in college. We met through a mutual friend and we worked together. We found our own friendship and had a great connection through almost three years of school. After school, I moved to Boston and had been there for almost 10 years until we moved back this year. As luck would have it, her family moved from Oneonta to a town next to the town I grew up bringing her and I to the same area again. Fast forward 10 years and we are both married and have little girls. Since moving back, we connected over Facebook and have gotten together a few times already and we haven’t miss a beat. Staci was always such a happy and truly nice person. I always felt so comfortable and at home with her. I feel so lucky to have her back in my life and to have our daughters meet and be able to play together. We got together at the Onondaga Lake Park to get some memories captured of her beautiful little family. Staci has a wonderful little family with her husband Chris and her daughter Isla, who is such a doll!

I look forward to having our families grow together.

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Cazenovia, NY




cazenovia, ny