Popek Strong

Your marriage is the backbone of your family. It needs to stay strong in order for your children to be happy, healthy, and to ensure the longevity and sturdiness of your family.
~Martha Lee

I have known the Popek Family since my family moved to CNY 23 years ago. We rode the bus from the middle of no-where, farm country if you will, to school together. They owned a farm a street over from us and my grandparents connected with them about farming land. Stoch and Sue are very similar to my grandparents, a fun and easy going couple that have filled their lives with children and happiness and most importantly a loving marriage. I truly believe that is the core to a happy family.

As I did, a couple of their children moved away during college but have always called Caz home. Recently, their middle daughter Star, moved back with her family.  (Are you all seeing the trend here? Caz is a special place and if you grew up here, it’s so hard not to gravitate back). In her return home, they had their annual Popek Palooza during the July 4th weekend. She asked that I come down to capture some moments of their family just being “them”. No special outfits, poses, hair-dos, etc.  Just a session of them being the family that they are. And let me tell you, it’s a special one.

I joined them at their camp on the lake outside of Caz for a couple hours and got to witness what makes them such a strong and happy family.

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Cazenovia, NY




cazenovia, ny