Fall & Fog

We moved into our house about five months ago. We looked for this house for 10 months. We wouldn’t settle. We had a house before this one, in Massachusetts, but we bought it when we were 25 and it always felt like our house and not our HOME. The moment we pulled into the driveway we knew. We walked in the front door and I remember Bret looking at me and we just knew without saying a word to each other. This was our home.
I love everything about it. I want this house to be our forever home. I want our kids to come back here from college for holidays. I want their kids to come here and visit us and hear all the stories from growing up here. As much as I love the house, I love our property. We live just outside of town on about 5 acres of land, mostly surrounded by woods. It’s magical really. The fall was gorgeous, leaves were everywhere….like everywhere! Bret was out there a lot with the leaf blower but he loved it just as much as Marley did. And just as the last leaves fell and the trees were bare, the fog rolled in and it really was spectacular. We are anticipating the snow, the sledding parties our hill will see, and lots of hot cocoa and smores by the fire.
MarleyFall215MarleyFall15MarleyFall415MarleyFall315MarleyFog1MarleyFog2MarleyFog3Stay tuned!

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Cazenovia, NY




cazenovia, ny