Spirit in the Sky

As most of you know from a previous blog, Juli and I were put together by something greater than just coincidence. It all happened at such a perfect time that we know there was something more to it than that.  We both agree that it had to be her Dad.  Her father was very special to a lot of people, one of those people being my husband. Juli went from an acquaintance, to my mentor and now she is truly my soul sister.

I have done a few shoots for her over the last year and though they have all been very special, this one took the cake. Her Dad passed away 3 years ago this weekend.  Her brother was home with his family and she asked me to come up to her father’s land and take some shots of them next to the tree they planted after he passed away.  It has become an annual thing for them and I was honored to be there to capture this moment.

I took some video while we were heading up to the tree, so scroll to the bottom, hit play and turn the volume up!

So much love


[wpvideo vj24nkbJ]

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Cazenovia, NY




cazenovia, ny